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Macchine per Pasta Futura Evolution

Magister ES 40 automatic Home / Coffee Espresso Machine
$27,489 USD

Canadian customers please call for Canadian prices.  Toll Free: 1-800-813-5336

The most modern of pasta makers, the "FUTURA EVOLUTION" is the ideal machine for restaurants, pasta shops, hotels, or supermarkets, that wish to make available fresh extruded pasta, laminated pasta, or ravioli.
Capable of extruding pasta up to 70lbs. per hour (25-30kgs.) such as fussili, rottini, conchiglie (shells),  macaroni, penne (lined or unlined [lischie] ).
Capable of making producing laminated pasta , for lasagna, cannelloni, tagliatelle (angel hair pasta, spaghetti, linguini, fettuccini, mafalda), up to 70lbs. per hour (25-30kgs)..
Capable of making ravioli,  over 130 lbs. per hour (50-60kgs.)
This sturdy unit, has been engineered to produce the various pasta and pasta products renowned worldwide.
This one unit makes so many different products, too numerous to mention. Thereby ensuring that no day in the kitchen will ever become boring.
Add selection to your menu; pasta has proven to be a healthy alternative to either rice or potatoes. Make it interesting.
Recipes provided upon request.
Ideas are many and are supplied at no charge.
Ingenuity and imagination in the kitchen are mandatory on  the part of our customers; other need not apply, as this machine can do it all.


  • All individual parts are press forged brass and teflon coated.
  • Width of laminated pasta sheet 120mm. ( 4.5 inches)
  • Tickness of laminated pasta sheet - adjustable.
  • Holding Tank - 20 kgs / 44 lbs
  • Daimeter Of Extrusion Die - 94mm./ 3.75 inches
  • Motors 2.2kw
  • Hourly Production :
    Extruded Pasta 25-30 kgs / about 70 lbs
    Ravioli  50-60kgs/ about 130lbs
    Tagliattelle (laminated pasta) 25-30kgs / about 70 lbs
  • Metric Measurements Width  900 mm x Depth 600  mm x Height 1500 mm
  • Standard Measurements Width  36 inches x Depth 24 inches x Height 60 inches
  • 220  volts / 50/60htz / III phase
  • Weight - 300 kg-  660 lbs

1 year limited warranty on parts & labour

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