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Pizza Oven

Pizza oven MEC80
MEC80 Ambrogi Wood Burning Ovens for Homes, Restaurants and Pizzerias

The wood burning brick oven is not only for pizza. Many wonderful dishes such as rack of lamb and spring salmon cooked on a cedar plank or buffalo chicken wings done to perfection.

The brick oven can be incorporated in the restaurant, enhancing its overall ambiance and success or in your own kitchen for those that love to cook.




The Cooking Chamber

The cooking chamber is made of a highly refractory material. The dome of the oven is also made of "vibrated refractory material" rich in aluminum oxide (above 70% AL2 O3). Perfect shape and size in relation to the overall dimensions. Natural light color cement for maximum retention of heat. A critical "Differentiated Thickness Dome" in order to achieve uniformity of shape and best structural support. The whole oven is insulated with three coats of refractory cement. Choose either Model AMALFI or Model MEC 80 or Model JOLLY .


<Model Mec80>

Pizza oven MEC80Pre-assembled mono block to be walled up and finished at your choice.
This is the heart of your oven. It is a recessed oven that must be insulated, walled up and finished as you desire.
Palletized and arranged to be hooked with a crane jib.
No need for packaging since the oven’s steel frame was designed to be transported without being damaged.
Where it is not possible to install the pre – assembled monoblock (excessive sizes compared to passageways or impossibility to use forklifts, crane jibs), we propose our Kit components designed so that it can be assembled on site.

Technical data


<Model Amalfi>

Pizza oven AmalfiThe outside structure down to the floor is made of stainless steel with frontal copper parts. No additional works required.
Copper mantelpieces are available in different makings.
Assembled straight at your premises by our skilled personnel or delivered to you already assembled wherever we can’t reach you. (ref. Mod. Amalfi Trasportabile )
The oven can be arranged with a bigger oven threshold for deep-dish pizza or “for different sizes pizzas.”
The cylindrical shape gives the oven a special elegance and allows exploiting the space as best as possible and to orient the stoke-hole according to all requirements.
The structure also offers an exceptional and spacious log holder that can optionally be equipped with closing doors.

Pizza oven Amalfi Pizza oven Amalfi Pizza oven Amalfi Pizza oven Amalfi

Technical data


<Model Jolly Grezzo / Jolly Rifinito>

Pizza oven Jolly Grezzo
Pizza oven Jolly Rifinito
Jolly Grezzo
Jolly Rifinito

A small-size professional pizza oven . For your family meals, barbecues and outdoor grills or for a pizza with friends.
For small restaurants that want to add pizzas and other special wood-cooked dishes.

Mod. JOLLY GREZZO is the heart of your oven. It is a recessed oven that must be insulated, walled up and finished as you desire.

The JOLLY RIFINITO model is insulated and covered with stainless steel and copper. Incorporated inox steel oven threshold . No additional covering is required.

Technical data






Build base or use oven stand


Position oven

Step 3

Vent oven

Step 4

Clad with metal studs

Step 5

Shroud in mesh

Step 6

Incorporate hearth



Step 8

Grout tile

Step 10
Step 11
Finished overview


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